Table 1

bFGF, VEGF, TNFα, and IL6 protein levels in infrapatellar fat pad tissues and knee synovial fluids from patients with osteoarthritis and ligamentous injury

Patient No
Lower detection limits of the assay: bFGF 10 (pg/g tissue), 1 (pg/ml); VEGF 156 (pg/g tissue), 15.6 (pg/ml); TNFα: 3.5 (pg/g tissue), 0.35 (pg/ml); IL6: 1.5 (pg/g tissue), 0.15 (pg/ml).
DiseaseOAOAOAOAOALigamentous injuryLigamentous injury
Age (years)68736570764619
Infrapatellar fat pad tissue (pg/g tissue)
Synovial fluid (pg/ml)