Table 3

Number needed to treat (NNT) from the systematic reviews in osteoarthritis (OA)

Intervention[reference]Duration of intervention (weeks)ComparatorOutcomesRelative risk (95% CI)NNT (95% CI)
95% CI, 95% confidence interval.
*Only point estimates of the NNTs were shown owing to the insignificant values of the RR (as shown in the 95% CI).
†Relative risk was not calculable because the NNT was calculated from the effect size and proportion benefiting.
OA of the hip[22]
    Codeine+paracetamol 4ParacetamolPain improvement1.12 (0.57 to 2.22)32.3*
    Diclofenac 8IbuprofenImproved patient global1.29 (0.74 to 2.27) 6.8*
    Diclofenac 2NaproxenPain improvement1.02 (0.83 to 1.25)58.8*
    Etodolac 4PlaceboPain improvement1.59 (1.06 to 2.38) 4.4 (2.4 to 24.4)
    Flurbiprofen20SulindacPain improvement1.1 (0.82 to 1.48)13.2*
    Naproxen 8IndometacinPain improvement–† 9.2*
    Piroxicam20NaproxenPain improvement–†11.0*
    Tenoxicam 8PlaceboPain improvement–† 3.8 (2.5 to 7.3)
OA of the knee
    Low level laser treatment[23]10 days–4 weeksPlaceboPain improvement–†11.6*