Table 3

Estimated age standardised hospitalisation ratio (SHR) for coxarthrosis among Danish men in occupations with significantly low or high SHR* 1994–99 and 95% confidence intervals (CI)

PeopleCasesExp.SHR95% CI
*Except those already shown in table 2;
†not elwhere classified.
Electronics mechanics and servicers592018.1120.3 to 68.7
Business professionals†7442621.22810.4 to 61.7
Buyers296339.2336.7 to 95.1
Teaching professionals†5658410.73710.2 to 95.4
Medical doctors89591124.14622.8 to 81.6
College, university, and higher education teaching professionals4502816.64820.8 to 94.9
Agricultural or industrial machinery mechanics and fitters8716918.15022.7 to 94.3
Architects, engineers, and related professionals†357514787.25439.6 to 71.7
Armed forces277391424.65731.1 to 95.3
Technical and commercial sales representatives210143650.47150.0 to 98.9
Heavy truck and lorry drivers258798260.3136108.1 to 168.8
Motor vehicle drivers†90624329.1148106.9 to 199.0
Meat and fish processing machine operators130013016.4183123.7 to 261.6
Bakers, pastry cooks, and confectionery makers4487209.8204124.5 to 314.7
Waiters and bartenders3496115.4204102.0 to 365.6
Wood product machine operators6940178.3205119.3 to 327.9
Machine operators and assemblers†3367167.7207118.3 to 336.2