Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients who completed the trial. Data are presented as mean (range) unless otherwise stated

Diet group (n=26)Control group (n=25)
*Number of patients;
†statistically significant difference between diet group and control group, p<0.05. Differences between groups were analysed by Student’s t test for independent samples, except for differences in number of patients, which were evaluated by Pearson χ2 or Fisher’s exact test;
‡number of patients/mean dose in mg.
Age (years)58 (33–73)59 (35–75)
Sex (men/women)*5/215/20
Body mass index (kg/m2)28.4 (21.5–38.7)†25.6 (16.4–31.4)
Fasting blood glucose (mmol/l)5.0 (4.4–5.9)5.2 (4.1–6.4)
Disease duration (years)17 (2–59)†10 (2–30)
Rheumatoid factor positive*/ANF positive*19/720/5
Erosive disease positive*2023
DAS28, score4.4 (2.19–7.00)4.3 (2.2–6.9)
Current drugs
    NSAID*/equivalent mg of diclofenac21/5621/62
    Corticosteroids*/mg of prednisolone12/3.510/5.0
    DMARD*, mono-/combination therapy18/616/4