Table 4

Average two year healthcare consumption and costs per patient

Healthcare consumption*Costs**
Clinical nurse specialist (n=61)Inpatient team care (n=62)Day patient team care (n=61)Clinical nurse specialist (n=61)Inpatient team care (n=62)Day patient team care (n=61)p Value overall difference
*Averages: ds=days, cons=consultations, hrs=hours; **averages, in €; †pairwise comparisons show significant differences between all three patient groups (p<0.001); ‡pairwise comparisons show significant differences between clinical nurse specialist patients and both inpatients and day patients (p≤0.03), but no difference between inpatients and day patients (p≥0.21); §excluding the costs of the clinical nurse specialist, already counted in the initial treatment; ¶negative costs, because these patients provided a more than average amount of unpaid labour.
Costs of initial treatment2124 9614 055<0.001†
Other healthcare costs
    Inpatient hospitalisations28%, 5.1 ds32%, 8.5 ds31%, 5.3 ds1 8052 8581 8380.40
    Day patient hospitalisations13%, 0.6 ds16%, 2.7 ds20%, 1.7 ds2839026190.22
    Rheumatologist10.8 cons11.8 cons9.7 cons8459257610.40
    General practitioner11.4 cons12.1 cons12.0 cons3283803440.79
    Physical therapy23.4 hrs24.0 hrs19.9 hrs1 5231 6821 2650.65
    Occupational therapy5.9 hrs10.0 hrs13.0 hrs3737039380.12
    Social worker0.3 hrs1.2 hrs1.1 hrs1775670.58
    Clinical nurse specialist3.3 hrs0.4 hrs0.5 hrs2122627<0.001‡
    Home nursing care4.8 hrs30.9 hrs10.0 hrs1591 0353380.57
    Other health professionals4906847860.26
    Drugs1 7492 0941 9160.39
        Total7 880§11 6219 1970.16
Non-healthcare costs
    Out of pocket costs1762142340.87
    Home care145 hrs213 hrs67 hrs2 6873 9581 2510.25
    Informal care149 hrs180 hrs126 hrs1 2191 4721 0250.75
    Absenteeism20 hrs10 hrs28 hrs2151614160.18
    Unpaid labour1 464 hrs1 300 hrs1 170 hrs−818¶637170.11
        Total3 4805 8673 6440.29
Average total healthcare costs8 09216 58113 252<0.001‡
Average total societal costs11 57222 44816 8960.001‡