Table 1

Demographic and clinical data from the patient group at study entry

Patients with RA (n=109)
*Data are shown as median (25th–75th centiles);
†RA according to the 1987 ACR classification criteria;
‡probable RA according to the 1958 ACR classification criteria.
Age (years)*58 (44–67)
Female (%)73
Duration of symptoms (days)*162 (89–311)
Time from symptom onset to initiation of DMARD (days)331 (199–545)
Disease duration before treatment (days)123 (50–273)
RA (%)* †68
Probable RA (%)* ‡32
Rheumatoid factor positivity (%)58
Shared epitope positivity (%)69
Baseline joint damage*0 (0–2)