Table 4

Comparison of clinical and laboratory data between two groups of patients with SSc. Results are shown as mean (SD) or as percentage

Group A (positive retinal
disease) (n=10)
Group B (negative retinal disease) (n=19)p Value
BP, blood pressure; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate;
*Prostaglandin: alprostadil or beraprost sodium or cilostazol.
    Age at examination (years)65.0 (5.7)55.0 (12.1)<0.03
    Age at onset of SSc (years)53.0 (10.0)41.0 (14.0)0.03
    Disease duration (years)13.2 (7.6)13.9 (10.1)0.85
General findings
    Disease type (limited/diffuse)7/314/5>0.5
    (% limited type)(70)(74)
    Systolic BP (mm Hg)132 (21)112 (19)0.03
    Diastolic BP (mm Hg)77 (10)72 (9)0.16
    Raynaud’s phenomenon901000.34
    Skin ulcer6063>0.5
    Pulmonary fibrosis3058>0.5
Laboratory data
    ESR (mm/1st h)32 (23)22 (20)0.22
    Antinuclear antibodies (+)90630.26
    Rheumatoid factor (+)6052>0.5
    Anticentromere antibodies (+)30110.21
    Antitopoisomerase I antibodies (+)50350.45
    Anti-RNP antibodies (+)06>0.5