Table 4

RA related direct and productivity costs in physical units (only cost domains with costs of > €0)

Cost domainPhysical units
Visits to physicians• Total of 4477 visits to general practitioners,
• Total of 3555 visits to rheumatologists,
• Total of 841 visits to other specialists (related to RA)
Outpatient surgery• Total of 25 outpatient surgical procedures
Non-physician service use• Total of 179 non-physician service visits
Drugs• Number of patients receiving respective treatment:
    DMARDs    311
    Steroids    255
    NSAIDs    232
    Osteoporosis drugs    189
    Analgesics    106
    Gastroprotective drugs    249
Diagnostic/therapeutic procedures and test• Total of number of procedures:
    Imaging of bones and chest    420
    Laboratory tests    20829
    Other procedures    458
Devices and aids• Total of number of prescriptions: 255
Acute and non-acute hospital facilities (without surgery)• Total number of inpatient days: 430
Hospital facilities (surgery)• Total number of inpatient days: 266
Transportation• Total number of trips: 703
Sick leave• 96 Patients were gainfully employed.
• They incurred a total of 5395 sick leave days
Work disability• At the beginning of the year 98 patients were retired prematurely owing to work disability, at the end of the year it was 99 patients