Table 1

Demographic, clinical, and occupational variables of the 340 patients with RA at the baseline of the clinical trial (the examined cost data focused on the one year before inclusion in the clinical trial; cost data for two patients were missing)

*Data of three patients missing; †data of 40 patients missing.
Demographic variables
    Female, No (%)260 (76)
    Age (years), mean (SD)58.4 (11.8)
Clinical variables
    Disease duration (years), mean (SD)8.4 (8.4)
    No of swollen joints, mean (SD)5.2 (6.1)
    ESR (mm/1st h), mean (SD)16.5 (15.4)
    Rheumatoid factor positive, No (%)215 (64)*
    Erosive changes, No (%)181 (60)†
Social variables
    Currently employed96
    Apprenticeship as highest educational level144
    University degree as highest educational level4