Table 2

Determination of survival in SScPAH: baseline demographic characteristics of 148 patients with SScPAH (89 from our own institution and 59 referred from other institutions) on cardiac catheterisation

*Calculated assuming haemoglobin=135 g/l.
MRAP, mean right atrial pressure; MPAP, mean pulmonary artery pressure; MAP, mean arterial pressure; PVR, pulmonary vascular resistance; SVR, systemic vascular resistance; CI, cardiac index; SVo2, mixed venous oxygen content.
Mean age (years)66 (7)
Mean duration of SSc (years)14±5
Number with pulmonary fibrosis40
Number of diffuse:lcSSc37:111
Mean % predicted Tlco(mmol/min/kPa)*56.7 (3.2)
Number with ACA+78
Number with Scl70+37
mRAP (mm Hg)7.7 (4.8)
mPAP (mm Hg)39.5 (13.5)
MAP (mm Hg)93.9 (15.6)
PVR (dyne.s/cm5)687 (564)
SVR (dyne.s/cm5)1713 (606)
CI (l/min/m2)2.6 (1.4)
SVo2(ml/l)659 (107)