Table 1

Patient selection for determination of prevalence in a cohort of patients with SSc receiving regular follow up at our institution

CategoryNoAdditional information
TLC, total lung capacity; NYHA, New York Heart Association; CTED, chronic thromboembolic disease.
Number receiving active follow up with serial investigations at study institution (excluding referrals)722120 Men, 602 women
Echocardiography normal52647 Fibrotics, 478 non-fibrotics
Patients with echo PASP >35 mm Hg13213 Fibrotics, 119 non-fibrotics
Patients with normal PFTs435615 PFTs available, 180 fibrotics, 84 non-fibrotics with PFT abnormal
Patients with Tlco<40% with no lung fibrosis on HRCT and/or TLC >70%24
Patients with Tlco fallen by 20% during past year with no lung fibrosis8
Patients with no dyspnoea542
Patients with explained cause of dyspnoea during study period156
Patients with unexplained dyspnoea by lung fibrosis echo1811 NYHA II, 6 NYHA III
Patients potential candidates for catheterisation on above assessment164
Patients undergoing catheterisation14712 Men, 135 women
Patients with PAH on catheterisation8914 Men, 75 women; age 66 (7) years,
Findings in patients with no PAH on catheter5836 No abnormality, 9 systolic and diastolic dysfunction, 10 diastolic dysfunction, 3 CTED