Table 3

Histological classification and specific histological characteristics of the patients with biopsy proven lupus nephritis in the two decades. High chronicity in kidney biopsy as well as the presence of interstitial fibrosis and/or glomerulosclerosis were found significantly less often in the decade from 1991 to 2000 than in the previous decade. In contrast, a high activity index and/or the presence of crescents in kidney biopsy was found more often in the decade between 1990 and 2000. Results are shown as No (%)

(group I)
1990–2000 (group II)p Value
Patients (n)1541
Histological classification (WHO)IV=9, II=2, III=1, V=2, VI=1IV=32, II=7, V=2NS
high chronicity index5 (33)4 (10)0.01
High activity index2 (13)10 (24)0.03
Crescents5 (33)20 (49)0.04
Interstitial fibrosis11 (73)24 (59)0.03
Tubular atrophy12 (80)30 (73)NS
Glomerulosclerosis10 (67)17 (41)0.002