Table 2

Effect of MMF institution on immunological and clinical disease parameters in patients with SLE after a significant rise of antibodies to dsDNA (n=10). Data are expressed as mean (SE)

StartEnd of 6 month treatment periodp Value
VAS-Pa and VAS-Ph denote the visual analogue score of the patient and treating physician, respectively, for lupus disease activity in the previous month, both on a scale from 0 to 100.
VAS-Pa42.9 (7.7)20.4 (5.6)<0.001
VAS-Ph10.3 (1.6)8.4 (2.0)NS
Anti-dsDNA (IU/ml)132.3 (25.8)51.1 (13.1)<0.001
IgG (g/l)23.1 (3.0)19.5 (2.1)NS
C3 (g/l)0.97 (0.08)1.03 (0.08)NS
C4 (g/l)0.13 (0.01)0.16 (0.01)NS
SLEDAI4.4 (0.5)3.4 (0.6)NS
WBC (×109/l)5.9 (0.64)5.9 (0.55)NS
Lymphocytes (×109/l)1.1 (0.17)1.1 (0.18)NS
% CD19+CD38++15.7 (1.7)7.7 (0.9)<0.001
% CD4+CD25+35.8 (3.7)40.1 (3.8)NS
% CD8+HLA-DR+18.8 (3.9)24.1 (5.7)NS
Haemoglobin (mmol/l)7.6 (0.25)7.4 (0.26)NS
Thrombocytes (×109/l)302 (29)318 (35NS