Table 1

Characteristics of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus with a significant rise of antibodies to dsDNA either treated with MMF or untreated

MMF treated (n=10)Untreated (n=24) (historical controls)3
LE cell phenomenon and/or false positive syphilis test are not included in the table because neither was routinely analysed in our centre.
Age (years), mean (range)39.2 (22–63)35.4 (19–77)
Disease duration (years), mean (range)7.9 (1–40)8.9 (1.8–19.9)
Anti-dsDNA (IU/ml), median (range)120 (49–324)75 (25–421)
Cumulative ACR criteria (%)
    Malar rash3050
    Discoid rash4021
    Oral ulcers029
    Cell casts1025
    Haemolytic anaemia2013
    Anti-dsDNA antibodies100100
    Anti-Smith antibodies2029
    Antinuclear antibodies100100