Table 1

Patient characteristics at baseline. A 48 week placebo controlled trial comparing cyclosporin A (CsA) monotherapy with CsA and methotrexate (MTX) combination therapy in patients with RA with poor prognosis

CharacteristicCsA plus MTX (n=60)CsA (n=60)
*Mean (standard deviation); †Number of patients (percentage).
Age (years)52.5 (10.6)*51.2 (11.6)*
Disease duration (months)2.9 (3.5)*2.7 (5.7)*
Women37 (62)†42 (70)†
Erosive at start of study32 (53)†27 (45)†
Rheumatoid factor positive at start56 (93)†58 (97)†
DMARD used before study (patients)11 (18)†6 (10)†