Table 1

Cytokine gene polymorphisms with pro- and anti-inflammatory potential

Gene symbolPolymorphism positionAllelesFunctional role
TNFA−308G=TNF1Normal production of TNF
A=TNF2Up regulation of TNF production in different type of cells[22] [24]
IL10−1087GGG genotype associates with up regulation of IL10 production in lymphocytes
AAA genotype associates with down regulation of IL10 production in lymphocytes[23]
TGFB1+915, codon 25GNormal production of TGFβ1
CDown regulation of secretion of TGFβ1 from the peripheral blood leucocytes[21]
IL1RNIntron 2A1=4 repeats“Normal” allele[25]
A2=2 repeatsUp regulation of IL1Ra production in sera and down regulation in saliva[19]