Table 5

Intraobserver agreement for both rheumatologists and radiologists for each of 10 duplicated radiographs of sacroiliac joints showing different degrees of sacroiliitis as defined by an expert panel. Dubious abnormalities show lower concordance. The results are shown as mean percentages of agreement

Grading (sacroiliitis)BaselineAfter self educationAfter workshopBaselineAfter self educationAfter workshop
0 (no)99100100100100100
0 (no)969997100100100
0 (no)9895998391100
1 (dubious)828383879188
1 (dubious)837670788288
1 (dubious)656670788263
2 (yes)707676835275
2 (yes)747670838263
2 (yes)8380871008688
4 (yes)99949996100100