Table 5

Multiple logistic regression analysis (best model) of factors associated with carotid lesions in the 78 patients with SLE

VariablesOdds ratio95% CIp Value
PDN, prednisone; anti-oxPAPC, anti-oxidised palmitoyl arachidonoyl phosphocholine antibody; T2, end of follow up.
Dependent variable: carotid plaque (McFaden’s ρ2=0.412; p<0.0005)
Independent variables
    Age (years)1.171.07 to 1.290.001
    PDN cumulative dose (g)1.091.03 to 1.160.002
    Anti-oxPAPC (U/ml) at T21.060.98 to 1.150.117
Dependent variable: thickened intima (McFaden’s ρ2=0.260; p<0.0005)
Independent variables
    Age (years)1.091.02 to 1.170.007
    PDN cumulative dose (g)1.030.99 to 1.060.121
    Anti-oxPAPC (U/ml) at T21.050.97 to 1.140.219
    Absence of hypertension0.520.24 to 0.980.046