Table 2

Serum levels of immunological and inflammatory markers at baseline and after five years’ follow up in the 78 patients with SLE

MarkersBaseline5 Year follow upp Value
Mean (SD)(95% CI)Mean (SD)(95% CI)
Anti-oxPAPC, anti-oxidised palmitoyl arachidonoyl phosphocholine antibody; anti-HSP65, anti-heat shock protein 65 antibody; anti-β2GPI, anti-β2-glycoprotein I antibody; CRP, C reactive protein.
Anti-oxPAPC (U/ml)15.3 (31.2)(8.3–22.3)5.1 (8.0)(3.3–6.9)0.004
Anti-HSP65 (U/ml)32.9 (15.7)(29.3–36.4)18.5 (4.3)(17.5–19.5)<0.0005
Anti-β2GPI (U/ml)22.2 (29.2)(15.6–28.8)18.8 (35.1)(10.9–26.7)NS
CRP (mg/l)22 (57)(9–35)20 (54)(8–32)NS