Table 1

Investigations stipulated to exclude other conditions

CK, creatine kinase; ANF, antinuclear factor.
Rheumatoid arthritisRheumatoid factor, x ray of hands, possibly feet, and any other affected joint
Capsulitis of shoulderFull examination of shoulder with clinical history
Cervical spondylosisClinical history, x ray of cervical spine
Osteoarthritis of shoulderx Ray
PolymyositisCK, electromyography where clinically indicated
ThyrotoxicosisThyroid function test
MyopathiesClinical examination, compatible electromyography
Systemic lupus erythematosusANF, DNA binding
Polyarteritis nodosaClinical picture
DermatomyositisClinical picture, CK
Multiple myelomaSerum and urine electrophoresis
Occult carcinomaCareful clinical history, chest x ray, occult bloods
Parkinson’s diseaseClinical history and clinical signs