Table 3

Reasons for stopping excluded methotrexate (MTX), sulfasalazine (SSZ), and leflunomide (LEF) treatments.* (100% = all excluded treatments with the respective regimen) (A) Unmatched data using all available treatments; χ2 test, p=0.02. (B) Matched treatments; χ2 test, p=NS. Results are shown as percentages

AMTX (n=274)SSZ (n=195)LEF (n=84)Total (n=553)
Inefficiency39.1 (n=107)43.6 (n=85)54.8 (n=46)43.0 (n=238)
Adverse events37.6 (n=103)41.5 (n=81)27.4 (n=23)37.4 (n=207)
Lost to follow up10.9 (n=30)7.2 (n=14)13.1 (n=11)9.9 (n=55)
Other reasons*12.4 (n=34)7.7 (n=15)4.8 (n=4)9.6 (n=53)
MTX matchesSSZ matches
*Contributions may not exactly add up to 100% owing to rounding errors; †includes non-compliance, concurrent comorbidity, surgery, pregnancy.
Inefficiency50.0 (n=21)54.8 (n=46)44.8 (n=30)55.7 (n=44)
Adverse events28.6 (n=12)27.4 (n=23)31.3 (n=21)26.6 (n=21)
Lost to follow up9.5 (n=4)13.1 (n=11)11.9 (n=8)12.7 (n=10)
Other reasons†11.9 (n=5)4.8 (n=4)11.9 (n=8)5.1 (n=4)