Table 1

Characteristics of patients with and without erosive and deforming disease

VariablesErosive disease n=32Non-erosive disease n=39p Value
DIP, distal interphalangeal joint; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; DMARDs, disease modifying antirheumatic drugs.
Age (years (SD))48 (11)46 (12)NS
Age at psoriasis onset (years (SD))28 (10)26 (11)NS
Age at arthritis onset (years (SD))36 (9)38 (10)NS
Psoriasis duration (years (SD))18 (11)19 (10)NS
Arthritis duration (months (SD))8 (7)10 (6)NS
Family history (%)1923NS
Psoriasis first (%)7277NS
Male to female ratio12.50.05
Polyarthritis (%)73270.0001
Axial disease (%)4357NS
Oligoarthritis (%)4357NS
DIP disease (%)62360.048
Onychopathy (%)6249NS
HLA-B27 (%)22460.05
HLA-Cw*0602 (%)5056NS
HAQ (mean (SD))1.2 (0.3)0.6 (0.4)0.012
ACR class III and IV (%)1980.036
DMARD use (%)6964NS
Corticosteroid use (%)4744NS