Table 6

Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis of preoperative predictors and postoperative characteristics for the patients who scored worst (lowest quartile) in WOMAC function at 3.6 year follow up compared with the patients who scored better

PredictorNoOR95% CIp ValueMulti-variate step (n=160)OR95% CIp Value
*Per one year or scale unit increase.
BP, bodily pain; PF, physical function; MH, mental health.
Preoperative characteristics
    Age1891.091.04 to 1.150.0011*1.091.03 to 1.150.002
    Sex1891.350.70 to 2.580.37
    BMI1701.111.01 to 1.220.03
    Comorbid conditions >21891.480.62 to 3.510.38
    SF-36 BP1860.970.95 to 0.990.0072*0.970.94 to 0.9950.018
    SF-36 PF1830.980.96 to 0.9970.03
    SF-36 MH1760.990.97 to 1.0040.16
Postoperative characteristics
    Comorbid conditions >21892.060.93 to 4.550.08
    Complication1893.551.03 to 12.180.04
    Widespread pain1891.280.40 to 4.810.61
    Pain index hip1892.500.80 to 7.820.12
    Pain contralateral hip1891.950.75 to 5.100.17
    Low back pain1893.311.59 to 6.890.00113.311.59 to 6.890.001
    Living alone1891.500.77 to 2.900.23