Table 1

Baseline demographic and disease characteristics

VariableUS 3014,7MN 3015,7MN 3025,6ATTRACT9ERA 10,13European IL1Ra11,12
RF, rheumatoid factor; DMARDs, disease modifying antirheumatic drugs; CRP, C reactive protein; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire disease index; NR, not reported.
*% Of patients with ≤3 years’ disease duration; †calculated from mean of baseline total Sharp scores divided by mean disease duration for each treatment group; ‡may be overestimated owing to mean disease duration of ≤1 year.
Total No of patients482356985428632472
No in each treatment group118–18291–134487–49581–88207–217116–121
Mean age (years)53–5555–595851–5449–5152–54
Mean disease duration (years)6.5–7.05.7–7.63.7–3.89.2–11.6≤1.03.7–4.3
≤2 Years’ disease duration (%)33–4038–4543–449–23*100NR
Mean DMARDs failed0.8–0.90.8––0.6NR
DMARD naive (%)40–4540–5333–34054–6119–34
Baseline HAQ-DI1.31.7––1.81.4–1.51.5–1.6
Baseline composite x ray scores22.8–25.441.9–46.324.6–24.966.6–81.911.2–12.924.7–29.6
Estimated yearly progression3.3–3.7†5.7–8.1†6.5–6.7†6.4–8.0†8.0–9.0†‡6.3–7.4†