Table 2

Patient characteristics

48 Hour orthoses immobilisation (n=58)Normal activity (n=59)p Value
NS, not significant; SD, standard deviation.
*Mann-Whitney U test; †χ2 test; ‡Student’s t test.
Age* (years), median (range)61.5 (28–86)61 (28–86)NS
Sex† (male/female)9/4914/45NS
Duration of disease*(years), median (range)7 (0–38)7 (0–63)NS
DMARD treatment†4751NS
Systemic corticosteroid treatment†2518NS
Injection on dominant side†3537NS
General function (HAQ)†, median (range)1.25 (0.13–2.75)1.13 (0.13–2.25)NS
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (mm/1st h)*, median (range)35 (6–106)32 (2–112)NS
C reactive protein (mmol/l)*, median (range)21 (5–220)23 (5–192)NS
Wrist pain (PRWE)‡, mean (SD)32.7 (9.1)31.4 (8.6)NS
Wrist function (PRWE)‡, mean (SD)38.4 (12.3)35.7 (11.5)NS
Wrist joint circumference (mm), mean (SD)177.1 (16.1)175.7 (15.1)NS
Range of wrist movement (°), mean (SD)82.9 (23.0)85.8 (20.9)NS
Grip strength max (N)*, median (range)55 (0–326)67 (25–206)NS
Grip strength mean during 10 sec (N)*, median (range)42 (0–283)51 (14–183)NS