Table 1

Characterisation of CW doses used in studies on bacterial CW arthritis

DoseContent of
Origin of CWCW
Muramic acid (mg)*Total
carbohydrate (mg)*
Muramic acid†Total carbohydrate†Chronic arthritisReference
ND, not determined.
*Dry weight, per 100 g of rat body weight; †percentage of CW dry weight; ‡determined on the basis of the present study; §determined on the basis of our previous study13; ¶formerly Eubacterium aerofaciens.38
L plantarum ATCC 400838.7ND6.0ND15.5Lehman et al, 198519 study
L casei C ATCC 2530242.9ND6.0ND14.0Lehman et al, 198519‡4.0ND+Šimelyte et al, 200013
24.01.0§4.9ND20.5+Present study
L casei B ATCC 1157825.0ND6.0ND24.0+Lehman et al, 198519‡5.3ND+Šimelyte et al, 200013
8.00.4§2.5ND30.9+Present study
L fermentum ATCC 1493121.0ND6.0ND28.6Lehman et al, 198519‡6.0NDŠimelyte et al, 200013
8.00.5§1.5ND18.5Present study
C aerofaciens¶ ATCC 2598616.72.5ND15.0ND+Kool et al, 199254
20.00.411.81.958.9+Zhang et al, 200021