Table 2

Comparison of degree of change in reported clinical activity in the six months after training, between each mode of training

Mean change after trainingChange in variable after patient training – change in variable after mannequin trainingp Value95% CI
*Confidence as rated on a VAS in which scores range from 0 to 10 cm; 10 cm indicates “very confident”.
Reported number of shoulder injections performed after
    Additional training on patients4.43.40.02−0.6 to 6.1
    Mannequin training1.0
Reported shoulder referral activity to
    Injection clinics after additional training on patients−1.4−0.510.36−1.6 to 0.6
    Injection clinics after training on mannequins−0.8
    Physiotherapy after additional training on patients−2.4−1.20.20−3.2 to 0.7
    Physiotherapy after mannequin training−1.2
*Level of confidence after
    Additional training on real patients3.62.3<0.01−0.9 to 3.7
    Mannequin training1.4