Table 3

Productivity costs¶ of ankylosing spondylitis in the USA, The Netherlands, France, and Belgium

USA (n=241)Netherlands (n=130)France (n=53)Belgium (n=26)
*Adjusted for age and sex. Includes patients with partial work disability who continue in a part-time paid job in The Netherlands and France; †in those with a paid job; ‡converted to euros using 1998 purchasing power parities.
Work disability (%)1241*23*9*
Days sick leave pt/y;† mean (range)Not stated19 (0–130)6 (0–77)9 (0–60)
Friction costs/pt/y;† mean (range)Not appliedϵ1257 (0–7356)ϵ428 (0–5979)ϵ476 (0–2354)
Human capital costs/pt/y; mean (range)US $4945 (0–45800)ϵ8862ϵ3188ϵ3609
ϵ4227 (0–39145)‡(0–46818)(0–43550)(0–34320)