Table 1

Historical information obtained by the two clinicians by use of the standardised questionnaire (number indicates percentage positive) and the agreement between observers (κ and asymptotic standard error)

RheumatologistOrthopaedic surgeonAgreement
Mechanism of symptom start
    Trauma with acute pain40400.75 (0.07)
    Dislocation220.49 (0.35)
    Fall on stretched arm670.90 (0.21)
    Fall on the shoulder15100.58 (0.14)
    Heavy load/pull/throw1880.39 (0.14)
    Repeated loads36490.51 (0.08)
    Activity over the shoulder20230.62 (0.11)
Where do you feel the pain?
    Deep in the shoulder62720.15 (0.08)
    Shoulder upper side21600.09 (0.07)
    In front of the shoulder30420.15 (0.08)
    In back of the shoulder28240.49 (0.10)
    At the clavicle3100.30 (0.20)
    Neck1380.38 (0.16)
    Upper arm anterior15170.40 (0.12)
    Upper arm lateral35470.69 (0.08)
    Upper arm posterior870.42 (0.19)
    Elbow/forearm/hand16170.71 (0.12)
    Axillary region21−0.02 (0.40)
Symptom description
    Pain by lifting/throwing87920.26 (0.16)
    Dead-arm syndrome throwing14130.55 (0.14)
    Feeling of locking of the shoulder20160.57 (0.12)
    Resting pain64660.54 (0.08)
    Nocturnal pain74760.72 (0.10)