Table 1

Patients with relapse of polyarthritis after exchange of parenteral to equal dose of oral methotrexate (MTX)

Patient NoDiagnosisAgeDisease duration/period of remission (years)MTX dose per week during substitution of PO for IM (mg)Period of oral MTX therapy up to relapse (weeks)Concurrent treatmentJoint erosions (x ray)Activity index (DAS28)2 during remission/relapseActivity index (DAS28) 2 months after renewal of IM MTXImprovement in DAS28 (EULAR good response: >1.2)
RA, rheumatoid arthritis; PsA, psoriatic arthropathy; IM, intramuscular; PO, oral; Pred, prednisone; SSZ, sulfasalazine; Plq, Plaquenil.
1RA sero(+)ve6310/312.5 3Pred 5 mg/d+1.6/
2RA sero(+)ve4712/215 4+2.2/
3RA sero(+)ve62 8/420 8Pred 5 mg/d1.7/
4RA sero(+)ve38 1/0.512.5 31.9/
5RA sero(–)ve70 5/2.517.5 4Pred 5 mg/d1.2/
6RA sero(–)ve5315/412.5 8Plq, SSZ+2.5/
7PsA49 3/212.5 8Pred 5 mg/ 7.5 mg/d+2.1/
8PsA55 7/620101.4/
Average (SD)55 (10)8 (5)/3 (1.7)15 (3.4) 6 (2.8)1.8 (0.4)/4.9 (0.4)3.4 (0.6)1.5 (p<0.001)