Table 4

Correlation coefficients between time integrated clinical variables and radiological scores; p<0.05, *p<0.01, NS=not significant. Values are given for the whole group (n=155) because no differences were found between the two treatment groups

Time integrated
CRP, C reactive protein (no data at 80 weeks); ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (no data at 80 weeks); IgM and IgA RF, IgM and IgA rheumatoid factor; SHS, Sharp score (van der Heijde modification).
SHS, value at 56 weeks0.27*0.34*0.230.22*
SHS, value at 80 weeksNSNS
SHS, progression (baseline-56 weeks)0.38*0.46*0.28*0.29*
SHS, progression (baseline-80 weeks)0.31*0.30