Table 4

Risk factors for persistent RA, evidence from EACs

Author (reference)Study designRisk factors at baselineEvidence category
Table adapted from Kim JM and Weisman MH.18
Green et al33Prospective study of 63 patients with early RA; 6 monthsDisease duration of >12 weeksIII
Gough et al53Prospective study of 120 patients with early RA; 1 year studyRF positive, Dw4/Dw14 genotype high risk group for erosive diseaseIII
Harrison et al63Prospective study of 258 patients with early RA; 1–2 year studyFemale and swollen/tender jointsIII
Masi 64Prospective study of 50 patients with early RA; mean study interval 5.7 yearsRF positive, female, and swollen/tender jointsIII
Prevoo et al65Prospective study of 227 patients with early RA; median follow up 3.9 yearsSwollen/tender joints and ESR as component of DAS scoreIII
Tunn and Bacon66Prospective study of 65 patients with early RA; 1 year studyRF positive, ESR, 30 mm/1st hIII
Wolfe67Prospective study of 503 patients with early RA and 638 with undifferentiated polyarthritis; mean study interval 6.9 yearsRF positiveIII