Table 1

Clinical and demographic data for 173 patients with enteritis caused by Campylobacter and 177 patients with E coli (ETEC)

Campylobacter (n=173)E coli ETEC (n=177)
Clinical and demographic dataReA (n=27)Non-ReA (n=146)ReA (n=10)Non-ReA (n=167)
*Patients with Campylobacter ReA versus non-ReA; †patients with Campylobacter non-ReA versus E coli (ETEC) non-ReA.
Age (median)36344341
Sex, M/F (%)10/17 (37/63)65/81 (45/55)5/5 (50/50)78/89 (47/53)
Duration of diarrhoea, median (days)13*7* p=0.005818.514 NS
7†14† p=0.0005
Interquartile range8–285–149–286–21
Duration of joint symptoms, median (days)60165NS
Interquartile range29–18045–835
Days (median) from start of diarrhoea until onset of joint symptoms147NS
Interquartile range7–192–11
Treatment with antibiotics for diarrhoea:
    Yes (%)16 (59)39 (26) p=0.033 (33)47 (28)
    No (%)11 (41)75 (51)6 (67)91 (55)
    Don't remember (%)033 (23)1 (10)29 (17)