Table 3

Risk factors at disease onset for ESRD

No%ESRD %pRR (95% CI)
All patients with SLE3381004
Risk factors:
    Splenomegaly411210<0.012.7 (1.3 to 5.5)
    Nephritis (ACR)772313 0.00015.2 (2.3 to 11.8)
    Low C3411210<0.013.0 (1.5 to 6.0)
Multivariable Cox regression; age and sex adjusted. As the total number of ESRD is very low, a calculation of time (25% with ESRD) was impossible.
Splenomegaly: in ultrasound above 4×7×11 cm; low C3: <0.88 g/l.