Table 4

Logistic and Cox regression

Logistic regressionCox regression
VariableExp (B)95% CIExp (B)95% CI
Logistic and Cox regression. The following possible predictive variables at presentation were investigated: type of employment (four categories, manual to sedentary), sex, age at onset (covariate), x ray examination of hands and feet (erosions or not), functional grades, HAQ categories (<0.5, 0.5–1, 1.12–1.5, 1.62–3), RF (negative or positive), joint score (quartiles), and ESR (normal or raised). Adjusted odds ratios or relative hazards are under Exp(B), and confidence intervals for them in the next column. The odds ratios for HAQ categories were compared with the lowest HAQ category; for job status with sedentary; for sex, female with male; for ESR with normal; for x rays with the presence of erosions.
Age at onset1.0837 1.0403 to 1.12891.06531.0323 to 1.0994
ESR (raised)2.79341.4265 to 5.47041.79051.0792 to 2.9705
Manual work4.94651.9371 to 12.63132.94671.4807 to 5.8641
Semi-manual4.02041.6084 to 10.04972.68231.3817 to 5.2073
Semi-sedentary2.04210.8593 to 4.85251.76610.8737 to 3.4901
Sex2.40301.0551 to 5.47331.68050.9573 to 2.9499
Erosions1.94030.9379 to 4.01401.78021.1031 to 2.8729
HAQ (0.5–1)1.16290.4969 to 2.72151.07520.5430 to 2.1291
HAQ (1.12–1.5)2.41060.9873 to 5.88541.62700.8440 to 3.1363
HAQ (>1.5)3.57891.3154 to 9.73722.74291.3676 to 5.5013