Table 2

Correlations between measures of the activity limitation dimension and impairment and participation dimensions. Results are shown as mean (SD) or median (IQR)

NoPossible rangeScoreHAQ (rs)SF-36 PF (rs)
No, represents the number of non-missing values. p<0.0001 for all r.
Correlations are calculated on samples varying from n=747 to n=795, except for correlations with x ray score, where the smallest sample size is n=653.
SF-36 BP, SF-36 bodily pain; DAS28, disease activity score; RADAI, rheumatoid arthritis disease activity index; x ray score, Ratingen radiographic damage score; HAQ, Stanford Health Assessment Questionnaire; SF-36 PF, physical functioning; SF-36 SF, social functioning; SF-36 RE, role emotional; SF-36 RP, role physical.
    SF-36 BP7950–10045 (24)−0.61 0.59
    DAS287760–104.2 (1.6) 0.49−0.46
    RADAI7810–103.2 (1.8–5) 0.58−0.55
    x Ray score6630–1606 (0–23) 0.35−0.30
    HAQ7880–31.0 (0.38–1.63) 1.0−0.77
    SF-36 PF7860–10055 (33.3–80)−0.77 1.0
    SF-36 SF7940–10088 (63–100)−0.43 0.49
    SF-36 RE7530–100100 (33–100)−0.26 0.30
    SF-36 RP7730–10025 (0–100)−0.53 0.52