Table 1

Checklist items

Medical historyPhysical examinationManagement
Onset of diseasePhysical examination of internal organsTold the patient he/she probably has psoriasis
Course of symptoms during the dayInspection of handsTold the patient he/she probably has psoriatic arthritis
Course of symptoms since onsetInspection of feetTold the patient he/she has osteoarthritis
Red or swollen jointsPalpation of hands, wristsExplained the disorder psoriatic arthritis
Complaints in other jointsPalpation of anklesExplained the disorder psoriasis
Squamous scalp skinPalpation of feetPrescribed drugs
Presence of psoriasisPalpation of finger joints    If yes, what kind of drugs?
Presence of psoriasis in relativesTangential pressure on hands and asking for painReferral to dermatologist
Discoloration of hands and feet when using cold waterActive flexion of wristsOrdered laboratory tests
Morning stiffnessActive extension of wristsOrdered imaging tests
Presence of nail pitsActive abduction of forearmRequested SP attended for follow up
Low back painActive adduction of forearmGave written information about the disease
Eye inflammationActive flexion of fingersSufficiently discussed the prognosis of the disease
Intestinal complaintsActive extension of fingersDrew attention to the society of patients with rheumatic diseases and mutual support groups
Oral ulcerationSpreading of fingers
Current drug useActive fist making
Dietary habitsPassive examination of hands and wrists
Alcoholic consumptionMuscle resistance tests of hands and wrists
Aggravating factorsSqueeze doctor's fingers
Ameliorating factorsOpposing thumb to fingers
Influence of complaints on daily activitiesExamination of other joints
Family historyInspection for skin abnormalities
Inspection for tofi
Inspection for psoriasis on specific locations
    Anal cleft
Inspection for noduli