Table 2

Clinical characteristics of patients with validated rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

All patients (n=158)RF+ (n=97)RF− or unknown (n=61)*
*Includes 12 patients with unknown rheumatoid factor (RF) status.
ACR, American College of Rheumatology.
Age at onset (years), mean (SD)67.8 (4.9)67.4 (4.7)68.4 (5.1)
Average time from onset to diagnosis (months), mean (SD)13.4 (21.7)14.4 (23.6)11.9 (18.4)
Number of ACR criteria satisfied, mean (SD)4.6 (1.1)5.0 (0.9)4.0 (1.2)
Rheumatoid nodules (%)14.216.610.2
Radiographic bone erosions (%)49.746.954.2
RA diagnosed by a rheumatologist (%)89.787.693.2