Table 3

Correlation between value scale, current variables, and change in variables (study 4), n=93

Correlation between:
VariableValue scale and variables (over 3 visits)*Value scale and change in variables (0–6, 6–12 months)*Change in value scale and change in variables (0–6, 6–12 months)*
All non-significant
*Z transformation to calculate correlation over several visits; †reverse scored, low score indicates worse status
Disease duration0.024
    Perceived change0.043
Disease activity
    Swollen joints0.0540.1070.006
    Tender joints−0.0070.0170.093
Psychological status
    Life satisfaction†−0.090−0.0320.028
Social support
        Self esteem†−0.0900.046−0.039
        Tangible support†−0.015−0.0600.048
Single visit correlation