Table 2

Complications due to long term treatment with glucocorticosteroids, diagnosed by the clinicians and registered in the records for 191 patients. No complication which could be related to corticosteroid treatment was recorded in 63 of the 191 patient records (33%)

ComplicationNo of patients%
*32 compression fractures in vertebral column; three fractures of the distal ulna; and one fracture each of the following: collum femoris, subtrochanter, tibia, and fibula.
Cushingoid changes4926
Fractures (assumed osteoporosis related*)3920
Infection problems2413
Gastrointestinal complaints2010
Cataract/glaucoma18 9
Hypertension16 8
Hyperglycaemia/diabetes mellitus15 8
Dermal atrophy14 7
Mental symptoms11 6
Muscular atrophy 4 2
Thrombosis 4 2
Oral mucosal symptoms 1 0.5