Table 2

Clinical description of patients who no longer fitted the criteria for rheumatoid arthritis at two year follow up

Patient No Age at entry Sex Clinical features Investigations Diagnosis
1945MSymmetrical polyarthritisRF2-150 −ve, nox ray erosionsTransient polyarthritis
2474MSymmetrical polyarthritisRF −ve, nox ray erosionsTransient polyarthritis
2831FSymmetrical polyarthritisRF −ve, ANA2-1501/1280, no x ray erosionsPossible SLE2-150
3528FSymmetrical polyarthritisRF +ve, ANA 1/1280, anti-Ro +veProbable SLE
Pleuritic chest painNox ray erosions
4238FSymmetrical polyarthritisRF +ve, ANA −ve, parvovirus IgG abs +vePost-viral arthritis
No x ray erosions
  • 2-150 RF = rheumatoid factor; ANA = antinuclear antibodies; SLE = systemic lupus erythematosus.