Table 4

Results after auto-SCT4-150 for JIA4-150 in European and North American centres. Reproduced with the kind permission of N Wulffraat and the EBMT/EULAR database

No Centre Age at disease start (years) Age at ASCT4-150(years) TCD4-150(Y/N) Conditioning Follow up (months) Outcome Present antirheumatic drugs
1–11Utrecht, NL1–77–14CD2/3 (6)Cy4-150, ATG4-150, TBI4-150 (4 Gy)4–367 remission, 1partial remission, 1 fatal MAS4-150 Low steroids (2)
NSAIDs (1)
12–14Leiden, NL2–104, 6, 14CD2/3 (1)Cy, ATG, TBI (4 Gy)12–151 remission, 1 partial remission, 1 fatal MASSalazopyrin (1)
CD34 (2)
15Paris, Fr8 9CD34Cy, ATGDay 18 fatal MAS
16–17Goteborg, Swe4–9CD2/3Cy, ATG, TBI (4 Gy)3–10Both remissionLow steroids (1)
18–22Triest, It3–158–20VCRCy, ALG (3)12–36Remission (3)Etanercept (1),
Flu4-150, ALG4-150(2)Relapse (2)NSAIDs (1)
23Portland US210CD34Cy, ATG, TBI (4Gy)7Complete remissionNone
24–25Brussels, Be1–78, 17 CD34Cy, ATG7–19Complete remissionNone
26Brussels, Be15 CD34Cy, ATGFatal cardiac toxicity
27–28Osaka, JP1–53–8CD34CY, ATG (1)4–11No response (1)Low steroids
VP16, TT4-150(1)Remission (1)None
29Newcastle, UK310CD34Cy, ATG2RemissionLow steroids
30Slowakije1835NoneBu4-150, Cy, ATG6Partial remissionLow steroids
31Newcastle, UK2123CampathCy, Campath2Amyloidosis, septic shock, no MAS
32Ferrara, It33 35CD34 (PSCM)Cy, ATG18ATG related toxicity, Complete remissionLow steroids
  • 4-150 SCT = stem cell transplantation; JIA = juvenile idiopathic arthritis; ASCT = autologous stem cell transplant; TCD = T cell depletion; Cy = cyclophosphamide; ATG = anti-thymocyte globulin; TBI = total body irradiation; ALG = anti-lymphocyte globulin; Flu= fludarabine; TT = thiotepa; Bu = busulfan; MAS = macrophage activation syndrome; NSAIDs = non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.