Table 1

Main characteristics of four patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection and peripheral neuropathy without mixed cryoglobulinaemia

Characteristic Patient No 1 Patient No 2 Patient No 3 Patient No 4
Mode of infection?Intravenous drug user??
HCV infection
 PCR1-150 ++++
 Liver biopsyKnodell 9, Metavir A3F3Knodell 4, Metavir A0F0Knodell 6, Metavir A1F1Knodell 5, Metavir A1F1
Extrahepatic manifestationsSicca syndromeArthralgia, myalgia, Raynaud's phenomenonArthralgiaArthralgia
Cryoglobulinaemia (No of determinations)11 (1991–1999)6 (1997–1999)4 (1998–2000)8 (1998–2000)
Rheumatoid factor
C4 levelNormalNormalNormalNormal
  • 1-150 PCR = HCV viraemia by polymerase chain reaction.