Table 1

Patient characteristics and pathological findings of interstitial pneumonia associated with systemic sclerosis

Patient No Age Sex Autoantibody Radiology Honeycomb Specimen Pathological classification
158FScl-70Bilateral reticulonodular(−)Open lung biopsyNSIP1-150 II
250MND1-150 Bilateral reticulonodularMicroOpen lung biopsyNSIP II–III
358FRheumatoid factorBilateral reticulonodular + ground glass (right middle)(−)Open lung biopsyNSIP II
453FSS-A (+)Honeycomb + ground glass(+)Open lung biopsyUIP1-150
567FANA1-150, Scl-70“Honeycomb”(+)NecropsyUIP
650FNDBilateral reticulonodular(−)NecropsyNSIP II
741FANA, Scl-70“Honeycomb”(+)NecropsyUIP
859FNDBilateral ground glass(−)NecropsyNSIP II + diffuse alveolar damage
  • 1-150 ND = not detected; ANA = antinuclear antibody; NSIP = non-specific interstitial pneumonia; UIP = usual interstitial pneumonia.