Table 3

Regression analyses of postural sway and physical disability (WOMAC score)

Dependent variable Adjusted R2
(as percentage)
Independent variable B Standard error of B t Value Significance
(A) All subjects (n=104, 47 controls and 57 patients)
 Postural sway47Constant−0.9120.43−2.130.035
Knee OA+0.23−0.054.56<0.001
Weight (kg)0.0040.0022.800.005
MVC3-150 (kgf)−0.0080.003−3.000.004
(B) Knee OA + patients only (n=57)
 Postural sway30Constant−0.520.118−0.520.25
MVC/weight (kgf/kg)−0.410.122−3.330.002
Pain (WOMAC score)0.0300.0092.900.001
(C) Knee OA + patients only (n=57)
 Physical disability66Constant−10.019.20−1.090.28
MVC (kgf)−0.260.112−2.280.027
Pain (WOMAC score)2.240.307.51<0.001
Weight (kg)0.1410.0632.250.03
Age (years)0.230.1012.250.03
  • 3-150 MVC = maximal voluntary quadriceps.