Table 1

Prevalence of knee pain in older adults

Study location Sample Case definition Overall prevalence estimate (%)
Chingford, England8 F aged 45–65 (n=400)Knee pain at any time in the past month13 approx
Knee pain for most days in the past month 6.5
Calderdale, England22 M + F aged 55+ resident in Calderdale (n=15 150)Current knee joint problems (time period unspecified)19
Bristol, England19 M + F aged over 55 registered at one general practice (n=2102)Ever had knee pain on most days for at least a month + knee pain in past year25
Nottingham, England20 M + F aged 40–79 registered at two general practices (n=4057)Knee pain in the past year on most days for at least a month25
Tameside, England21 M + F aged 45+ registered at three general practices (n=4349)Knee pain for more than one week in the past month28