Table 4

Reliability and sensitivity to change for different scoring methods

Method Intrarater reliability Intrarater reliability for progression Interrater reliability Interrater reliability for progression Sensitivity to change
Sharp (1971)r4-150=0.97 (E4-150)[29]4-150 r=0.53–0.96 (E)[29]
r=0.94 (JSN4-150) r=0.58–0.95 (JSN)
r=0.95 (tot4-150) r=0.73–0.96 (tot)
Sharp (1985) r=0.95–0.95[9]
ICC4-150=0.79–0.96 (E)[41]ICC=0.58–0.71 (E)[41]
ICC=0.72–0.88 (JSN)ICC=0.46–0.71 (JSN)
ICC=0.76–0.93 (tot)ICC=0.54–0.67 (tot)
Kaye/Sharp (1986) r=0.95–0.96[14] r=0.72–0.93 (E)[14]
r=0.84–0.96 (JSN)
r=0.91–0.96 (tot)
r=0.92–0.95[15] r=0.90–0.98[15]
Genant (1983) r=0.84–0.94 (E)[11] r=0.14–0.50 (E)[11]
r=0.78–0.90 (JSN) r=0.12–0.30 (JSN)
Genant (1998) r=0.90–0.95 (E)[12]r=0.93–0.97 (E)[12] r=0.82–0.96 (E)[12] r=0.90–0.97 (E)[12]
r=0.90–0.95 (JSN) r=0.87–0.95 (JSN) r=0.69–0.92 (JSN) r=0.80–0.92 (JSN)
r=0.92–0.96 (tot) r=0.93–0.97 (tot) r=0.80–0.95 (tot) r=0.90–0.95 (tot)
v d Heijde/Sharp (1989) r=0.94–0.99 (E)[17] r=0.92 (E)[17]G coeff=0.22–0.39[32]
r=0.94–0.99 (JSN) r=0.80 (JSN)
r=0.96–0.99 (tot) r=0.90 (tot)
G coeff=0.76–0.94[32]
Scott/Larsen (1995) r=0.92 and ICC=0.94[31]
Larsen (1977) r=0.45[34] r=0.93[34]
Ratingen (1998)ICC4-150=0.79–0.90[26]SDchange 4-150/SDWR 4-150=2.2–3.2[26]ICC=0.69–0.80[26]SDchange/SDBR 4-150=1.70–2.95[26]
SENS (1999)SRM4-150=1.15 (sequential)[47]
SRM=1.63 (paired)
SRM=1.60 (random)
  • 4-150 r = correlation coefficients; ICC = intraclass correlation; E = erosions; JSN = joint space narrowing; tot = total; SDchange = standard deviation of radiographic change; SDwr = SD within rater; SDbr = SD between raters; SRM = standardised response mean; [ ] = study reference.