Table 1

Features of rheumatoid arthritis included in the different radiographic scoring methods

Method Erosion JSN1-150 Osteoporosis Malalignment Soft tissue swelling (Sub)luxation Ankylosis Cyst
Sharp (1971)
Sharp (1985)Excluded1-151
Genant (1983)
Genant (1998)
Kaye/Sharp (1986)
van der Heijde/Sharp (1989)
SENS (1999)
Larsen (1977)Excluded1-151 Excluded1-151
Larsen (1995)Excluded1-151 Excluded1-151
Scott/Larsen (1995)
Rau/Larsen (1995)
Ratingen (1998)Excluded1-151 Excluded1-151
SES (2000)Excluded1-151 Excluded1-151
  • 1-150 JSN = joint space narrowing.

  • √Included in the scoring system;

  • 1-151 not included in the scoring system.