Table 4

Single finger analysis. Comparison of ultrasound values in fingers of healthy controls, non-eroded and eroded fingers of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Analysis for subgroup of patients with RA for whom radiographs were available and restricted to phalanges of index, middle, and ring fingers. Thus values are not comparable with those of table 2

Parameter Site Controls
(n=180 fingers)
No erosions
(n=77 fingers)
Erosions present
(n=61 fingers)
After age adjustment
AD-SoS (m/s)Metaphysis2094 (97)1881 (174)4-150 1767 (138)4-151 4-152 4-150 4-151 4-152
Joint1921 (31)1859 (39)4-150 1804 (68)4-151 4-152 4-150 4-151 4-152
  • Significance levels are indicated as follows:

  • 4-150 p<0.001, no erosions v controls;

  • 4-151 p<0.0001, erosionsv controls;

  • 4-152 p<0.001, erosionsv no erosions . Last column shows significance levels in the same fashion after adjustment for age (Tukey- Kramer HSD).