Table 2

Repeated measurement analysis of vitamin E versus placebo over six months. (adjusted means)

Baseline 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months Change between groups over time
(p value)2-152
 Vitamin E49.2382.8467.2371.54
 p Value2-150 0.092-151 0.930.170.590.24
 Vitamin E25.7041.7734.4734.14
 p Value2-150 0.450.660.880.920.43
 Vitamin E209.44304.70258.08279.69
 p Value2-150 0.240.630.160.990.44
Pain frequency
 Vitamin E2.922.722.472.08
 p Value0.990.740.480.390.72
Categorical pain
 Vitamin E1.831.861.661.82
 p Value0.180.870.350.120.12
Observer global assessment
 Vitamin E1.841.631.511.66
 p Value0.460.630.220.300.32
  • 2-150 Significance in differences between least squares means.

  • 2-151 All values adjusted for sex, ethnicity, age, antioxidant intake, arthritis score, exercise level, and body mass index.

  • 2-152 The significance of changes over time was assessed by a visit by group interaction.